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Welcome to the first part in our Xtreme Sports section. As I mentioned before, this is a series of posts, and this is merely the first installment of the series. Are you ready for our first Xtreme Event?

Xtreme Sports: Grass Diving

This sport is truly as extreme as it sounds. Forget a pool full of soft water and fancy diving boards. This is plain hardcore. This sport only requires long grass, and some extreme moves. Oh, I almost forgot: it also requires a large amount of alcoholic beverages being ingested prior to your participation, but I guess that is all up to the participants.

X-man with an 8.9 dive

X-man with an 8.9 dive

This image will needs to be enlarged to appreciate fully. I understand it is a bit dark, and my apologies. Click on the image to view it in its full awesomeness.

As you can see here, X-man scores a mighty 8.9 for such an exquisit dive. His technique was outrageously perfect, his timing impeccable, and his execution reminiscent of World War II with such precision. His landing was the only place were he lost a few points. Apart from his slightly wonky landing, it was perfect. If you were wondering what was wrong with his landing, you tend to lose points when you land face first, and then proceed to cry out in agony, “Aah my f***ing,nose!”

Never the less, with the sport still in its infancy, it was a remarkable attempt, and left us, the spectators, in rapturous applause pleading for more.

So there you have it fokes, the first part of the Xtreme sports series is complete. I hope you enjoyed it and remember: NEVER do any of the things seen in the series at home!

**Xtreme Sports is a series of posts highlighting the extremely adventurous activities of our crazy stunt man X-man. Yes, he is THAT extreme that he is only know as X-man. Keep your eyes peeled for the second installment of the serious as X-man takes a career to new heights.**

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