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“New Moon is the latest victim, in the bestselling Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, to have been put through the Hollywood sausage machine like that nerdy kid with John Lennon style glasses and a jet-powered broomstick. I used to associate twilight with that soft diffused light in the sky just before dawn or sunset. After watching Twilight, a state of uncertainty, vagueness and gloom has taken its place – hang on, isn’t that what twilight actually means? I heard somewhere that it’s all an allegory for abstinence… how Edward, the vampire boy can’t suck on Bella until they get married or something?

New Moon is a great story if you’re planning on doing a Halloween edition of Dawson’s Creek, but it’s better suited to television. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are a good-looking trio, but don’t have any real charm or depth beyond their shells in these TV performances. The languishing love triangle romance, wishy-washy paranormal action, the predominantly unknown “teen” cast… it’s a TV Series waiting to hatch. Unfortunately, the Twilight Saga doesn’t make a great transition from the novel’s pages to the film’s frames and it just comes across as superficial and campy, a teenage soap opera with an emo double glaze…”

The review continues, except you will have to jump over here to find out how the movie was rated!

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