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I would like to welcome you to a new section here on Captain Welcome to Xtreme Sports.

Now I bet you are thinking, “but we have already seen the most extreme sports out there?” Think again. This series of posts will take the extreme to a whole new level. All extreme sports that you have witnessed up until now will look like a bald badger could do it. This is the series that will open your eyes to the true would of living life to the most extreme.

We have one stunt man that is working on this series. To protect his identity we shall call him X-man. He is the crazy fool that does all of these stunts, and willing puts his life on the line for our entertainment.

The X-man will soon be making a wildly drunk appearance some time this week so stayed tuned! Trust me, this is one series of posts that will make you cry with extremeness!

Ok, well to be honest, the activities on here are not that extreme, but are ridiculously funny. It is simply the adventures of an extremely drunk individual doing his thing will under the influence. Considering the state that he is in when he does these things, it actually is rather extreme.

***Please Note: any of the stunts witnessed here are done by an extremely drunk individual who has had many outrageously pissed hours of practice. Please do not try these stunts at home.***

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