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So on Friday night a ton of us headed out for a bit of partying. Exams are almost finished and we decided it was time to let loose a bit during a lengthy gap between exams.

Things started off with a bit of pool and a few drinks at my place. It was nice and chilled with some music and the vibe was good. Off we went for a night of partying as normal, but things did NOT end up in the same normal way that I had hoped.

I was designated driver on the night as I was determined not to drink during exams. On the way home, I dropped off the first person at home, and it was from there that things started to go down. As I was pulling away, a police car came around the corner behind us, and preceeded to follow us. Well at least we found it a bit strange that it started to take the same turn off’s that we did.

I dropped off the next person on Sandown road and the car continued to follow us as we left there. Now the three of us were quite freaked out and were sure the 5 0 were after us. Now I was really driving like a perfect motorist. The lights finally started to flash on park road on my way home, and as soon as I pulled over, two other cop cars come rushing over and blocked me in! Not one, not two, but three cop cars were now surrounding me!

I was asked to step out of the vehicle, and did so immediately! The cop sounded lank serious and I almost jumped out of the seat! They then made my friends get out, and asked if they could search the boot! Now I know that they need a warrent to do this actually, but since I wasn’t hiding anything I said they could search the rest of the car as well.

After interrogating me a little bit, they finally let us leave with no further trouble. I tell you, I almost crapped my pants! I have only had my drivers for about 6 weeks, so it was a very new experience for me! Sho!

I must say that the cops did a good job though, but I still don’t think three cars were needed, seriously. That was a bit overboard, but hey, at least I wasn’t arrested! :)

Don’t EVER drink and drive kiddies!

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