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I am sure that you have heard this song on the radio. It is quite new and seems fairly mysterious. I heard it a few times and really took a like to it, and made it my mission to find out who it was. It took a while, but I eventually found out that they are local, and they are called Locnville.

Their first single can be watched here. I don’t think the music video does the song justice, but it appears to be doing fairly well on MTVBase already, and it continues to grow on me.

I absolutely love this song at the moment! Their album is released on November 1st so the release is almost upon us. I think I will get my hands on their album as soon as it drops. Head on over to their website and take a peak around. If you are in Cape Town, they will be playing at the Halloween Party at FTV in town. If I wasn’t in the middle of exams I would definitely be there!

I can just tell these guys will be a success. I heard that Andrew and Brian are Reddam old boys? Can anyone verify this?

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