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Finally I have managed it! It took my more than one try, but in the end I have overcome the demon that is the motor vechile license!

I had a very relaxed and chilled officer which I think made a gigantic difference. The first time I went, they were very strict and uptight which just made me even more nervous! I decided to take some calming tables before my second time which also would have played a huge part in relaxing me.

The officer and I had a huge DMC about religion, gangsterism and just life in general. It was actually very interesting hearing his views and past experiences, but more importantly, I think he wasn’t really paying attention to my driving! I only lost 36 points out of 192 out on the road.

As I pulled away from the hillstart, done perfectly I might add, he said, “oh no”. I thought I had failed, and then when I asked what was wrong, he replies with, “no I just felt like saying oh no”. That made me relax as I knew he wasn’t as strict as the previous guy and we could actually make jokes.

It is quite a feeling being able to just jump in the car and go where I want. Now the next step is to get hold of my own car!

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