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Neotel is starting to trial its uncapped, 2 Mbps WiMax service

Neotel recently confirmed that it is planning to roll out WiMax services aimed at the business and high-end consumer market.  Information has now surfaced that the first commercial service is likely to be an uncapped, 2 Mbps offering targeting small and medium sized businesses.

According to Rajeev Sinha, head of product management at Neotel, Neotel currently have more than 70 WiMax base stations in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban, and they are actively extending this network.  “Neotel will soon be reaching the 150 base stations mark,” said Sinha.

Sinha confirmed that Neotel’s initial offering will be a ‘near symmetrical 2 Mbps service’ aimed at large and medium enterprises (LME).  Neotel has not yet finalized pricing for this service, but according to Sinha it will provide a cost saving to businesses.

“Neotel is still looking at the pricing for this segment, however Neotel is confident to have an attractive price for the LME segment which will lower their costs,” said Sinha.  Speculation however suggests that the service will compete directly against uncapped ADSL solutions from providers like Internet Solutions, and that a sub-R 3000 monthly price tag is expected.

The company is further likely to develop and launch high-end consumer services – which may feature higher downlink speeds – after the launch of its business offering.  Sinha did not want to give too much away, simply saying that ‘Neotel is busy investigating and developing new services and that any developments will be communicated with the media’.

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