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Sigh. This post is more than a post depicting my annoyance more than informing you to anything. Yes you might have noticed that I like to lambast things that do not quite work how I want, such as MXit and my Nokia N78.

Well the next thing that has disappointed me is one of the great ways I keep in touch with everyone. Yes, you guessed it: Facebook. The stupid hunk of social media has gone wonky once again. Firstly, they have changed the layout of the inbox. Once again, most changes they seem to make don’t benefit the social platform in many ways, but still they go along with them. I like the new look and feel in terms of the new buttons, except now everything feels a bit big and almost childish, or it’s aimed at the older generation whose telescopes, oops I mean glasses, need to magnify things more than a microscope to look at a single atom. Everything just seems a bit squashed and not as tidy as before.

Look what you made me do! You made me divert off the lovely subject. How could you do that to someone who simply wants to provide you with only top class entertainment and such a deep love for writing absolute nonsense? Well, luckily I am back on track. So the main reason I am complaining about Facebook now is that my news feed is becoming decimated with horrid unwelcome little updates of four days ago. I don’t want to read what people did four days ago!? That kind of defeats the point of real-time updates does it not? It gets better. In the mix are there statuses from yesterday, 2 and 3 days ago, as well as some from about a week ago. This really doesn’t help me, and hogs all the space for the relevant news to come through.

How am I meant to seem all cool and up-to-date with all my friends if I pull out news from a week ago at the braai on the weekend? Honestly. You see my pickle?

I just hope whoever broke Facebook owns up to the terrible deed they did! What is next to break from the social media realm? Gatorpeeps? Twitter? Sigh, everything just seems to be falling apart, including the Springboks. Was it you? Did you break them? Maybe you? I’m watching you people…

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