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MWEB today announced that it is offering subscribers ‘more bandwidth per buck’

MWEB today announced that it will increase the amount of bandwidth of its current ADSL bundles.  “From September 2009, MWEB ADSL customers will get more data to use each month for the same price,” MWEB said.

Carolyn Holgate, GM of MWEB Connect, said that while South Africans waited for the positive effect of additional international bandwidth to be felt, MWEB was already taking real action to make broadband more affordable by increasing the amount of data that subscribers could use in a month.

“Consumers and businesses will feel the benefit of the increased data caps, as the changes are to be felt across the MWEB ADSL product offering,” she said.

“Under the new pricing structure, MWEB ADSL members with a 1GB data cap, (where their ADSL line is obtained directly from Telkom), will now get 2GB for the unchanged price of R145 per month. Members with a 2GB cap will now get 3GB for R219, and 3GB customers will get 5GB for R299. Customers with 6, 9 and 12GB caps will now enjoy 7.5GB, 10.5GB and 13.5GB caps respectively.”

“MWEB’s All-Inclusive ADSL subscribers, who get their ADSL line and subscription in one account from MWEB, will also benefit. Customers with 2GB caps will now get 3GB for the same price, while 3, 6, 9 and 12GB customers will now receive 5GB, 7.5, 10.5 and 13.5GB of data each month respectively.

MWEB will increase the amount of data provided per booster, but keep the price the same. R99 will now buy a 1.5GB (previously 1GB) booster and R250 a 3.5GB (previously 3GB) booster. Both booster options will still include data carry-over.”

This is what I like to hear! I hope more ISP’s follow in their foot steps. Bring on the bandwidth that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

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