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Is the point of a new version of a piece of software not meant to improve on the previous release? Or am I mistaken and on another planet completely with bubble wrap engulfing my head therefore not allowing my brain to breath?

Well I know you are all in agreement with me as I am currently out of bubble wrap which means that I am not being completely retarded and the point is to improve on the last version. Well in my opinion this is where I have a problem with MXit. Yes 5.9 introduces some nice new features, but as a whole I am not impressed. In fact I am so not impressed that I am actually still on 5.8. You probably think I am crazy. All new versions are meant to be better are they not? Well MXit 5.9 is not.

5.8 is far more stable and did not disconnect me as often as 5.9 does. I also had trouble actually downloading 5.9, but that could be due to the fact that a lot of people where probably attempting to download it at its time of release. The problems don’t end there. I had profile pictures disabled and it was still eating far more airtime than its previous sibling. I also had great problems when trying to log-in the first time with the new version. It would not allow me to put in my mobile number as if there was not even a text field created for it. When I finally managed to log-in, I did not like some of the new features implemented. I don’t really like the fact that every person now has a status. It takes much longer to scroll now and is much harder to view people’s names.

I finally decided to try and upgrade again when 5.9.1 came out. Although the initial issue of not being able to log out was gone, another had arisen. This version did not seem to detect my GPRS connection, therefore not allowing me to connect to the Internet.

All in all, I think this release has not been a step forward and for now I will be staying on the far more stable and reliable 5.8. Maybe this version simply isn’t catered to a Nokia N78, but I think that is poor form if it is not.

How have you guys found the new version? Enjoying it or a pile of elephant droppings?

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