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Right now I really should be doing some work. I have mock exams in two weeks but instead I am here, entertaining you! Not only that, but I don’t charge for this great entertainment. How generous am I?

I am drifting from the point here. O wait… That would imply that I actually had a point to this post. Hmmm. I am not one to lie so therefore I guess I can’t say that I am drifting from the point as that would be a blatant lie because there is no point in this post. Gosh. So that actually leaves this post to go down any road that I wish.

Which road should I take then? “I took the road less traveled and that, that made all the difference.” Can you remember who said that lovely quote? It comes from Dead Poets Society. I bet you didn’t know that one did you? It is a quote that I quite enjoy and attempt to live my life to, but since I am quite lazy and procrastinate a fair amount, I sometimes “forget” that part. You see, working hard now delivers long term results, but being lazy now gives you immediate satisfaction. You see my problem of the great temptation that being thrown at me from the God of Laziness. O the unworldly horrors that I must face at such a young age.

I think I have wondered off on a tangent enough and avoided work for too long tonight. So I am off to maybe sit and stare at a blank screen for a bit, but this actually feels far more productive as I am actually doing something. I am in denial I know.

I hope you week started off well and that hangover from the weekend didn’t make getting up for work/school/nothing too difficult.

Yours in faithful procrastination
Cpt. Awesome

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