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The first thing I do once I am out of bed in the morning, is to watch the news as I eat my breakfast. I enjoy watching Sky News, but that is not the point of the article. Wow, one line and I am already wondering off an a tangent. Focus.

When the world the world was raving on about the “global pandemic” that was Swine Flu, I thought that the Europeans were just being silly and taking things overboard. Now I am not so sure.

My dad returned from Europe ill at the end of June. I got ill straight away and was knocked out for about a week. I virtually never get sick, so this was quite surprising for me with how fit I am as well. Was it Swine Flu? I didn’t think so.

Well, I didn’t think so until 160 boys were absent from my school on Tuesday. Now out of 800 boys, that is a fair percentage. I thought that it was probably a one day bug, but then on Wednesday it was still climbing, and reached about 180. I thought that this couldn’t be, and that surely today would be better. Instead it went past the 200 mark, and actually hit around 230. That is a ridiculous 29%.

I thought we had it rough, but not even close. SACS had 250 boys absent yesterday! Still not amazed at the numbers? Yesterday, Paul Roos had 575 pupils absent. The principal claims that “about half of the pupils were absent”. Holy crap!

I thought that Swine Flu was only overseas, but with 3 confirmed cases at my school, it appears not. I am sure that more than just those 3 have the flu of the pig, but with it costing R800 to get tested, I think many cases will be missed.

All of the weekend fixtures of sport were cancelled against SACS as both schools “did not want to risk the spread of the pandemic”. It seems that I have picked up a severe case of the snivels again. I seriously hope I don’t get sick again! Vitamin tablets have become like biscuits for me, coupled with cough medicine. This seriously makes me wonder though: could I possibly have had Swine Flu at the end of June? Dum dum dum…

I know this is a serious topic, but on a more humorous note: How do you treat Swine Flu? You take some Oinkment.

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