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I am afriad that title reflects my blogging habits over the last couple weeks. I have been so swamped with school, exams and what not that I have simply not had the time to sit down and do a few posts. It is finally the holidays and I am going to make a conserted effort to get posts out regularly to keep you lovely people entertained.

I have also been sick with the flu for the past week which has not helped at all. Normally the worst I get is a runny nose, but this time, not even the Captain could hold out again the mighty flu. I am still not 100%, but I am virtually back to normal. Unfortunately for my sister, she also doesn’t seem able to fit it off and has been in bed the last two days. My dad said to me this morning that his throat is also getting sore. Oops, looks like I have passed it onto the entire family.

Enough rambling and excuses! Let the posting begin! Later peeps!

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