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With it being a long weekend and exams finished, we decided to celebrate another birthday in style. We had heard about Monday nights at Mercury Lounge but had never actually gone there. It was time for a new adventure.

I raced through after hockey practice and my mouth dropped when I saw the queue just after 19h00. I thought i was never going to get in. Fortunately for me, I found a friend second from the front of the queue! Awesome! I quickly slipped in with him and was in. We headed in and had a couple of chilled drinks down stairs as we waited for them to open upstairs. We headed upstairs as the huge queue from outside started to flood in. Things took a while to get going, but once they did, things got hectic.

We soon found out why they call it Manic Mondays at Mercury. The place was absolutely packed, and it was actually difficult to move around, but we had our drinks and were determined to have an awesome time. We had a great time and danced for about 2 hours straight. Things got even better when we were given a free bottle of Jagermeister. None of us were stupid enough to have a sip first, but instead grabbed some dude next to us to be our guinea pig. After he had a few sips he gave it the all clear. Turns out it was fine. After we worked that out, the bottle didn’t last long. Between 7 of us that bottle disappeared before Usain Bolt could run 100m.

Unfortunately I had a hockey match early the next morning so I didn’t stay that late, but all in all, it was an awesome experience that we will certainly be doing again!

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