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So after signing up for my Facebook Vanity User name the other day, I started to ask around. I was too slow in getting my act together and therefore am stick with the user name that is not what I wanted, but I chose one and am now stuck with it. It doesn’t bother me though.

I started to ask around, and noticed that a lot of other people also forget to get their user names when they came out. Facebook did have 500 000 user names in the first 15 minutes, but that still leaves millions to fight over user names. Chatting to people on Gatorpeeps and Twitter, I noticed that not many people had luck in getting the user name that they wanted, and that it took a seriously quick finger, or very a very unique name to get hold of that desired user name.

Stii managed to grab his name rather easily as I would have imagined, but Dave it seems was stuck in the same boat as I am, and now have a number after his name. Justin was very clever and added after his name. This is actually his blog address as well, so that was a very clever move on his part.

One back move on Facebook’s part, is that they have not included any characters. I would have split my name using an underscore so that my name was original without any numbers as a suffix, but my plans were thwarted by Facebook. I don’t think that was such a smart move on their side.

If you still don’t have your own user name, click here to find out how.

Has anyone else had trouble getting the user name they want and had to go for something that doesn’t even look close to their name? What are your general opinions on this move from Facebook? Good, bad or just plain ugly?

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