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Friday signalled a friend of mine turning 18. The mark of becoming a man, and when a boy reaches that stage it is only right to celebrate it properly. That is what we definitely did!

It was a long day/night, but dam was it awesome. So we wrote our second Maths paper on Friday (I am still shaking from the terrible experience that was that paper), and with it being a long weekend and only one exam left, we organised that most of the guys would meet up at Forries for a beer and some lunch at about 13h00. I thought there would be like 15-20 of us, but that is not how my grade works. There must have been about 60 of us throughout the course of the afternoon! There were still more people slowly rolling in when we left just after 16h00. The walk back to my house, (the HQ for the day) was quite amusing and we lost Charl on the way. He just decided to go and visit a friend on the way back. After managing to make it home in one piece fairly happy ( ;) ) we chilled out for about an hour. Good music and chilled vibes are never a bad thing.

The next step of the day was to head through to a flat warming. I thought that was going to be chilled and quite and a nice build for the evening, but wow was I wrong! When we arrived the flat was packed, and the drinking had clearly started ages ago! We were more than fashionably late! The flat warming was awesome, and got into the mood for the real part of the evening!

After some munchies at Mcdonald’s we were off! Claremont being the destination. Tin roof was the first stop. After assaulting the bar and dance floor for a while, we went over to Stones for a break and a few games of pool. That didn’t end up lasting long and we went to check out the scene at Wadda. It was completely dead. Well almost. Back to Tin roof where I met up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in years! A few more drinks and the night just got better and better!

We finally left at around 2, and when we got back to my place, everyone just crashed out straight away! 13 hours of awesome fun and some great times! A hectic night that won’t be forgotten any time soon!

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