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So I am into my third week of exams, and after trying to be disciplined and all of that jazz, I decided that this weekend I was going to chill a bit more. Stress was adding up, and with a HUGE week of exams this week, it was time to relax a bit before one last big push and then exams are done!

Friday night saw all my hockey cancelled to the gigantic down pour we had in Cape Town. My body was grateful for the break, and really screamed at me for even climbing the stairs at Cavendish! Quite a big group of us ventured towards the movies, and after what seemed like ages, we finally decided on what to watch. Night at the Museum 2. I was so not impressed, but I decided not to moan and just smile.

I was to be surprised. The movie was actually really good. I thought after the first one, it would just be a repeat of the same story line and I would be asleep before half way, but I actually was entertained. Somehow they took a very similar story line, and made it interesting. I don’t know if I was that over studying that anything seemed awesome, but I enjoyed it.

The real fun was on Saturday night though. I haven’t had that much fun in ages! It all started after my club hockey game, where we stayed and watched the ladies play a bit while we had drink. After that it was time to go through to the Waterfront. We didn’t really have a plan for the evening, but as soon as we got hold of a pack of cards we knew what was in store. KINGS!

That game can get a bit hectic if there are lots of you playing, but we still managed to get creative with four of us! It was quite interesting when I made a rule that you had to say “jizz in my pants” at the end of every sentence.

Overall it was an awesome night with some awesome people :) Only one more week of exams to go! 5 to go!

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