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I found this letter on the SevenForums where someone had given their thoughts on Windows 7. This guy doesn’t hold back at all, but he does have some extra valid points. Take  a read and tell me if you agree with him or not!

Lets just get to my point. After over 20 years of multi platform computer use and dev I can only say this about Windows 7…”You owe Us!” The Consumer to the Manufacturer you owe us a stable OS that is competitive with other offerings and is not some over bloated under optimized POS. Consumers have been pretty good to Microsoft…Developers even better. So what about the Windows ME or Windows Vista OS’? What about customer and developer loyalty? 
The PC Game and Simulation industry, unintentionally, promoting your failed product through the promise of DX10+ and your inability (or unwillingness ) to add DX10 function to an OS you actually had somewhat perfected. You need to spend more time looking at what’s available in FREE Linux flavored OS’ and create a product that can conform to the user. Why have you not implemented “Boot Modes” for consumer based choices of what background crap your OS’ is loading that are 80% irrelevant to someone who is accessing media or gaming? You could free the machine up to perform optimized for any particular application. There are many examples of this approach..One respectable partner of yours calls their approach “Fusion” another example of what I’m referring to would be the 3 “Modes” that Creative offers a user to access their hardware for maximum benefit and “optimized for task” performance. If you can drop some of the Windows 7 bloat ( An OS’ that is using, up to, and over 1GB of RAM is inexcusable! You guys seriously need to buy the Amiga computer rights and go through their damn code because they were emulating your code and Apples’ code while in their OS 20 years ago. They had a highly optimized code with features that allowed you to bypass the OS’ GUI and other crap in order to dedicate the computer to the task at hand. Look, Learn, Apply and repeat until you can truly say you are offering a superior product. And stop putting hardware support completely on the shoulders of the manufacturer. The hardware/software industry is helping to drive your product (In case your not paying attention!) and should always be treated as your #1 Allies in your struggle to stay ahead of other OS and computing solutions. Why can’t manufacturers just upload their drivers to you after they beta them? There must be standards and protocols that manufacturers and OS providers alike need to adhere to. This helps both of you, OS’ provider and Hardware/Software provider by creating a better consumer experience. Once you have the consumers trust and confidence you, of course, have the consumer. 
Ok so I think you can do this! But I think your basically going to have to get into a habit of re-approaching your ideas and methods continuously. I’ve done my part again for you Microsoft. I beta tested another of your OS’ after getting Vista unwillingly and I have provided support and solutions to a multitude of problems that Windows 7 brings. So here is my final outline of my Windows 7 beta testing experience. 
1. A) Install (Upgrade from Vista 64 with programs and settings) 7 hours! My computer scores (Or should I say scored) very high on your WEI in Vista 64. As a matter of fact it was 5.9 up the board. I run a pretty powerful computer which I use for everything from 3D Modeling and Animation to Game Development and Gaming. My Score now reflect only 1 thing. My Hard Drive performance. Which is pretty funny since the ATI SB600 and my 1TB (500GBx2) RAID 0 using SATA 2 Seagate Barracudas’ is ridiculously fast in every OS’ up to Windows 7 which leads me to believe your driver leaves a lot to be desired.( Yes I’ve used the “Write Caching Policy” they don’t help. Yes I rebooted..Blah blah blah.) Beside my HD performance index my computer is doing pretty well after several modifications.
B)Upgrade successful ! Amazing it completed without a hitch..or so I thought. After final installation reboot Windows 7 lost use of the NIC and my DVD/CD Writer. Umm ….”Houston. We have a problem”…Of course I have 4 computers so I solved this by getting the driver via Flash Drive from the MARVELL WEBSITE! Now why didn’t Windows 7 have a driver for a product that is as common as Marvell? And If I had no other computer…I would have been hosed! After getting online I found out that Itunes installs cd burning filters that for someone’s lack of attention ( Microsoft)causes the loss of your optical drive completely. (So much for manually updating anything or even getting the disk that just installed itself to ones computer to show…Sigh!) After a little time in regedit and a reboot I had the DVD back. Now on with the show.
C)The ATI 4800 and The AMD 790FX represent some if not the best hardware available on the AMD platform and off. So why is your support so limited? Why did I have to take a chance and install the Vista 64 Catalyst 9.1 CC and driver to get my graphics back (Minus the lack of AMD/ATI SB600 Which is paired with the AMD 790FX NB on early Spider platforms) and my Creative Labs X-Fi Fatality FPS?? We are trying to “beta test” the functionality and bugs we encounter so why aren’t you supplying the means for us to do that? We are using modern hardware from reputable manufacturers it would be Paramount for you to include more than just “support” for our hardware. We NEED current, optimized and fully functional drivers and their utilities to properly address and experience Windows 7 as beta testers and possible future consumers alike. I can’t tell you how Windows 7 is going to perform after Service pack 3<(Are we on the same page?). 
2. Most of your “beta testers” represent your avid consumers and have gone through all sorts of hours of trouble to get Windows 7 functional, stable and ,hopefully, performing. The people who truly took their time to report and write to you should be rewarded with “Honorary” copies of Windows 7 (Bar no feature) and have first access to the product. Nobody within the “general consumer” population will complain if your offering a system the net is already buzzing about from your hopefully happy developers and beta testers. I know I now have a collection of your OS’ . It would be nice to call it even after Vista and what we as your avid consumers have contributed to the Windows 7 experience. I seriously doubt you could have made this far without and all the people who have joined together to help solve problems you didn’t throw enough money at or hired the wrong person to do.

All that unpleasantness aside I really do wish you Great Success with Windows 7 but I want you to get it right this time and make a good impression with the consumer, because frankly, as a developer, my livelihood is depending on it…That or I’ll have to move over to Zii dev. Lol …Well best of luck Microsoft…Lets see if your Really listening to the people and are ready to make a change.
Best Regards,

Daniel John Anthony
CEO Virtual Revolution


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