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Many things in life are very addictive, but it seems that micro-blogging is becoming addictive as well. Robert Bravery drew up this list which I found rather amusing and thought I should share. 

You know you are addicted to Gatorpeeps when …

  • In an emergency, you peep @10111.
  • You were served court papers on Gatorpeeps  because you no longer use FaceBook.
  • You are jealous of anyone who has more followers than you.
  • You peep your partner to turn out the light. When you’re both in bed.
  • Your mother gets a Gatorpeeps account just so she can ask if you’re coming home for Christmas.
  • You keep peeping to your favourite celebrity in the misguided hope they reply.
  • You get upset if no one selects you for #gatorfriday. So your peep yourself from another account.
  • If you sign your credit card receipts or cheques with your Gatorpeeps nickname
  • When you peep about the break up before you phone your best friend.
  • You put your Gator handle on your business card
  • Your husband learns of your pregnancy via a Gator Quote.
  • You can no longer have a conversation longer than 140 characters.
  • You insist that your Doctor send your sick-note via Gatorpeeps.
  • You start a GA (Gators Anonymous) support group.
  • You are no longer scared of crocs.
  • Your nickname is PeepingTom, and you’re not ashamed.
  • You search for Gator nicknames/user names before you sign your newborn’s birth certificate.
  • Schizophrenia means you have multiple Gatorpeeps accounts.
  • You’ve sprayed all your dogs Gator Green.


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