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If you ask me, IDOLS was doomed right from the start. No not the start of this season, but rather season one. 

You may ask what when where who and how? Well you have seen the huge fisaco with the votes not coming through and everything just being a gigantic mess. Well, I saw it coming. You are now asking how did I see it? Well after all, I am Captain Awesome.

Jokes aside. The real problems started with the naming. The American Idol finished last night, with the winner being…

I am not going to spoil it for you if you don’t know! Calm down!

Back to the issue at hand. The problem started with the naming. Note how the American version is called American Idol. Singular. Our version on the other hand, is called IDOLS, and as you might have guessed it, is in the plural form.

So this is where the issue came about. My theory is that all the votes came through, the producers were just having some fun with the last series and decided to allow the show to live up to its name, IDOLS.

Funny isn’t it? Ok, well I thought so :)

Ok really now, jokes aside.

I thought I would leave you a video of Adam Lambert:

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