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Nokia N78

Nokia N78


My new phone finally arrived yesterday afternoon. I have not had much time to give it a full test, but am really enjoying the features so far. It is a huge step up from my last phone! Wow!

I am quite impressed with the phone so far, and am quite amazed at the number of features and how hi-tech everything is. This phone comes with Wi-Fi, GPS and a 2GB memory card. It was really easy to transfer my old contacts and such using bluetooth and was done in an instant. One thing that I am really happy about, is with the phone running the Symbian OS, I can now do multiple things at once. I was constantly caught out wanting to do more than one thing at a time, but now I can!

There is one major downside to this lovely device. The handset gets five stars from me, until you start to type on it. That is when the nightmare begins. The keys are very tiny, which is not sure a problem, the problem is that there is no clear distiction between keys. There is simple three rows of plastic, and therefore I am finding it quite difficult to type. I am sure that with time I can easily get used to that, I have no doubt about that. The biggest con for me is where the clear button is located. It is located on the bottom right of the phone which makes it really difficult to backspace if you are only typing with your right hand. I was getting very annoyed with it last night in my first session of mxit with it.

Apart from the poor keypad, the device is brilliant so far. The positioning of the other keys, such as the camera, music and menu keys is really nice. The operating system is quite powerful and has so far been a joy to work with! The only thing that I have not really tested is the battery life. I wait with baited breath.

If you want to get an in-depth review of the phone click here.

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