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So tonight I ventured down to practice for my club hockey side. I play for the 5th side, and for our Wednesday night practice’s we combine with the 4th side to get some more numbers, and to challenge the placings a bit.

After most of the side had had a quick warm up in the bar upstairs before practice, we started a mini game situation. All was going well until the 4th team captain or coach, or who ever he was pitched and decided to run things. He suggested we start off giving the keeper a work out with which we all agreed and started the drill.

This is where the fun begins… This guy was completed trashed. He challenged us to get ten goals in five minutes. Now, that is not very hard for even the worst of sides as you are taking loads of shots in five minutes. We started to bang them in, and then started to giggle as this guy could hardly control the ball, and couldn’t count properly.

Things just got funnier and funnier for all of us until we had worn out the joke and decided to return to our little game situation from earlier. Not something we should be laughing at, but still funny none the less.

I have never had something like that before. Any of you had any crazy stories like that to share?

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