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So my contract has finally run out. My sister and I are on the same deal with Vodacom, but have decided that the Virgin offer of 1000 sms’s and R150 airtime for R150 a month was just too tempting. So we have just been waiting for my father to find some time when we are free to go and sign the new deals. Trust me that is easier said than done!

My dad recently won a HTC Touch Diamond (very awesome!) and he is also due an upgrade at the moment. So, with my sister taking my mom’s fancy upgrade I have managed to persuade my father to allow me to take his upgrade. Nokia N78 here I come. It was between that and the N81, but the N78 come out on top.

My New Baby - Nokia N78

My New Baby - Nokia N78

If you want to go and check out some of the features of my new toy, click here. I placed the order this morning, so I am hoping that I will have it by the end of the week! So far, I know it has GPS, a 3.15MP fancy camera and WiFi.

Surely my awesomeness rating just increased?

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