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I have been thinking about what to do next year for ages now. Well I guess it all depends on if I pass matric or not, but hopefully I will. :P

I have always been very interested in the I.T world and followed a few blogs for many years now. I have also written for some eSports websites, so I don’t consider myself a complete n00b in the field. Now I am pretty sure that I want to go into the I.T field when I am out of school, but what to study, and what to specialize in? Some very good questions…

I went to the UCT open day yesterday. Firstly I must say that the day was pretty poorly organised. There was a lecture in the science faculty with regards to Computer Science at 12. It was only a 15 minute lecture, but then there was an Information Systems lecture in the commerce faculty at 12:15. The women in Computer Science ran over time so I arrived about five minutes late for the second lecture. Surely they should plan things better that people looking at similar courses can look at both without having to run around like a headless chicken!

Anyway, enough ranting. I am still not sure what I want to study. Information grabs my fancy a bit more as I think I would enjoy focusing on applying computers into a business environment. On the other hand, computer science does sound far more fun, but more challenging. I need 49 points for it though… :/ Another negative of Information Systems is that I would have to do accounting and economics. I can’t stand those, and I dropped them in grade 10 as soon as I could!

This is where you guys come in. I was wondering what you studied, what you liked, what you didn’t like with regards to the course and how you got into your respective areas? Did you always have a clear idea of what you wanted to do and how to get there? Would you guys also recommend a gap year first, or go straight into studying? How can I get into the industry as early as possible? Did you study something and were then taken down a completely different career path?

Aaah! Decisions, decisions! I have June exams in two weeks now, so time to get cracking if I want to get those 49 points…

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