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So it is my party tomorrow night! I am really keen! Everything is in place, and I decided I needed to get rid of my messy hair today, and get some style going. So that is exactly what I did.

After school, I raced through to town to Pink23 Hair Salon. My sister, mom, sister’s boyfriend and all go there, and they all reccommend it to me, so I thought I would go for it.

My sister said that Lileen was awesome, so I booked an appointment with her. After getting there, and looking around the place I was feeling confident that it was going to be a good experience. I walked in, and straight away went through to Lileen. I didn’t even wait a second. We worked out what we were going to be doing, and then I was sent to have my hair washed. Dam that was awesome! They have nice big Lazy Boy couches with foot rests and all. Comfort, combined with an Indian head massage and I was in heaven.

Anyway, I am very happy with the end product, and think that Lileen did an absolutely amazing job. I will definately be going back there! They were very professional, quick, and very friendly. The cut was only R100 as well, which was cheaper than the last place I went, and I felt the cut was also far better. Win!

They don’t have a website unfortunately, but you can drop them an email on

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