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Party Time!

Party Time!

So tomorrow night is the big event. I am so stoked its not even funny. I don’t normally throw huge parties, and birthday time has never lead to any really major events for me. I have always prefered to have something smaller and chilled, but not this year. I decided to go BIG, and not hold back. After all it is my 18th, and that only comes around once.

So I have hired out a venue at Newlands Cricket ground. We had a party there already this year, and I thought it was an awesome venue so I decided so go for it. As well as the fact that I am a WPCC member, so I got it for half price! Awesome!

I didn’t get many great ideas for my theme, but in the end decided to go for “Lumo is Uno”. Not the most original or anything, but I think it is going to be awesome. Well it is my birthday so it flipping better be! So far about 200 people are attending and I am really looking forward to it. Luckily, I don’t have sport on the next day, so I can wake up with a hang over. ;)

Anyway maybe I will put up some photo’s, depending if I don’t lose the camera.

My parents have decided to leave my sister in charge, (Awesome!) and are only going to be around for the beginning of the evening. So that leaves my sister and her boyfriend in charge. Hopefully things don’t get out of control!

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