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"Good Day Mate"

"Good Day Mate"

On Saturday morning I was off to my school hockey match, and as I arrived I was lucky enough to have the chance to watch a few Ranjasthan Royal cricket players have a practice session in the indoor nets. As I walked past I stopped to watch Morne bowl a ball or two, and then decided to head inside. I was already feeling quite chuffed with myself, but then as I walked in, guess who walked out? Mr Warne. It doesn’t stop there. As I walked past I said good morning, and he promptly replied in a very strong Aussie accent, “Good day mate”.

The Captain has had his fair number of celebrity encounters, but somehow this was better. With the IPL in town, maybe I will be able to see a few more celebrities, but I am not holding thumbs.

Any of you had any encounters with some of the cricketers playing in the IPL? If you let me know below!

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