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Swine Flu Hits South Africa

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Cape Town | 0 comments

Two suspected cases of swine flu have been reported in South Africa, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases said on Wednesday.

Deputy director Lucille Blumberg said the first, which became known on Monday, was a woman from the Western Cape who travelled extensively in Mexico earlier this month.

She was in contact with the people there while using trains and buses.

The woman was ill with flu-like symptoms on her return to South Africa on April 24, Blumberg said.

A general practitioner who treated the woman last Saturday did consider swine flu as a possible diagnosis.

She was given anti-viral treatment and sent home.

The woman was fine now.

The specimen taken from her was not stored appropriately, which meant a laboratory assessment to confirm the case could not be done.

“(But) she fits the case definitely,” said Blumberg.

The second suspected case which the institute became aware of on Wednesday concerned a woman in Gauteng.

Not many details were known about the woman, although she was known to have returned from Mexico with a flu-like illness.

“She is not particularly ill,” said Blumberg.

No confirmed cases of swine flu have been identified in South Africa.

[via: news24]

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Pink23 Hair Salon

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Cape Town, My life, Style | 0 comments

So it is my party tomorrow night! I am really keen! Everything is in place, and I decided I needed to get rid of my messy hair today, and get some style going. So that is exactly what I did.

After school, I raced through to town to Pink23 Hair Salon. My sister, mom, sister’s boyfriend and all go there, and they all reccommend it to me, so I thought I would go for it.

My sister said that Lileen was awesome, so I booked an appointment with her. After getting there, and looking around the place I was feeling confident that it was going to be a good experience. I walked in, and straight away went through to Lileen. I didn’t even wait a second. We worked out what we were going to be doing, and then I was sent to have my hair washed. Dam that was awesome! They have nice big Lazy Boy couches with foot rests and all. Comfort, combined with an Indian head massage and I was in heaven.

Anyway, I am very happy with the end product, and think that Lileen did an absolutely amazing job. I will definately be going back there! They were very professional, quick, and very friendly. The cut was only R100 as well, which was cheaper than the last place I went, and I felt the cut was also far better. Win!

They don’t have a website unfortunately, but you can drop them an email on

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My 18th

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

Party Time!

Party Time!

So tomorrow night is the big event. I am so stoked its not even funny. I don’t normally throw huge parties, and birthday time has never lead to any really major events for me. I have always prefered to have something smaller and chilled, but not this year. I decided to go BIG, and not hold back. After all it is my 18th, and that only comes around once.

So I have hired out a venue at Newlands Cricket ground. We had a party there already this year, and I thought it was an awesome venue so I decided so go for it. As well as the fact that I am a WPCC member, so I got it for half price! Awesome!

I didn’t get many great ideas for my theme, but in the end decided to go for “Lumo is Uno”. Not the most original or anything, but I think it is going to be awesome. Well it is my birthday so it flipping better be! So far about 200 people are attending and I am really looking forward to it. Luckily, I don’t have sport on the next day, so I can wake up with a hang over. ;)

Anyway maybe I will put up some photo’s, depending if I don’t lose the camera.

My parents have decided to leave my sister in charge, (Awesome!) and are only going to be around for the beginning of the evening. So that leaves my sister and her boyfriend in charge. Hopefully things don’t get out of control!

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Shane Warne & Morne Morkel

Posted by on Apr 27, 2009 in Cape Town, Gossip | 0 comments

"Good Day Mate"

"Good Day Mate"

On Saturday morning I was off to my school hockey match, and as I arrived I was lucky enough to have the chance to watch a few Ranjasthan Royal cricket players have a practice session in the indoor nets. As I walked past I stopped to watch Morne bowl a ball or two, and then decided to head inside. I was already feeling quite chuffed with myself, but then as I walked in, guess who walked out? Mr Warne. It doesn’t stop there. As I walked past I said good morning, and he promptly replied in a very strong Aussie accent, “Good day mate”.

The Captain has had his fair number of celebrity encounters, but somehow this was better. With the IPL in town, maybe I will be able to see a few more celebrities, but I am not holding thumbs.

Any of you had any encounters with some of the cricketers playing in the IPL? If you let me know below!

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Microsoft Falls While Apple Rises

Posted by on Apr 26, 2009 in Gossip, Technology | 0 comments

Apple Vs. Microsoft

Apple Vs. Microsoft

It is not surprising really with the world economic situation at the moment. What is surprising though, is that according to Microsoft this is the first time in 23 years that their sales have dropped. 23 years. Yes, you have read that correctly. 23 years. According to numbers that the company has just released, sales fell 6 percent year-over-year, while overall net income dropped a staggering 32 percent.

I think this will cause a fair bit of panic over at Microsoft, but I don’t think Microsoft are going anywhere in the near future, so don’t worry. That does leave Windows 7 under quite a bit of pressure to be a success.

On the other hand though, their fierce rivals are doing the exact opposite. Apple keeps selling iPods, iPhones and Macs. The company just reported a $1.21b profit on revenues of $8.16b.

Via MacRumours and CNN

Cpt. Awesome

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